Membership Dues

New Members

To establish a new members with JLMC, please click here to create your online account and pay for membership dues.
Simply fill out the "new user" section, follow the prompts, and pay for your active membership online.
If you would like to create a quarterly payment plan, please click here.

Existing Members

If you already have membership with JLMC and you would like to renew your membership dues, you have two options:

1.  Renew your membership via the website
Please ensure to renew your membership online by following this link.

If you forgot your password, simply:
- Click on "I have forgotten my password, and want to reset it"
- Use the email address we have on file, and follow the prompts

2.  Elect for quarterly payments via the website
If you would like to sign up for quarterly payments, please follow this link.

Existing Members without an Account

If you are an existing member and do not have an online account, please:
  • do not create a new account online
  • simply: 
  • go to the online payment page and double check that you were not using another email account first
  • if you forgot your password, select, "forgot password"
  • if you cannot find your account / know that you did not create one yet, please reach out to someone will set up an account for you